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Mission Statement

TQ is committed to providing access to library services in a cost effective manner to residents of Melrose, Riverside and Ellington Townships living in School District #172 and residents of Gilmer Township living in the Liberty School District. This is achieved through a contract for services from the Quincy Public Library.

TQ strives to develop new services and alternative delivery methods to meet the ever-changing informational, cultural, leisure and educational needs of the residents

It intends to educate all residents about available services and how to use current technology to meet their library needs.

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The Tri-Quincy (TQ) Public Library District was formed in the early 1990s after a year-long trial period under a state grant that provided library services through the Quincy Public Library to residents of Melrose, Riverside and Ellington townships living in School District #172.

The issue went before the public in a referendum and was voted into law in 1992. A Board of Directors was established and an ad hoc planning committee comprised of representatives of all three townships was selected to determine the Districtís goals and its mission statement.

In November of 2004, voters in Gilmer, Ellington, Melrose, and Riverside Townships voted to annex Gilmer Township into the Tri-Quincy Area Public Library District.

In January of 2008, the TQ Board of Trustees voted on a name change that reflected their growth and commitment to the unserved areas of School District #172.  On July 1, 2008, they officially became the Townships of the Quincy Area Public Library District.

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Services Provided

TQ has no building of its own. However, under its contract with the Quincy Public Library, residents of the four townships may use all Quincy Public Library facilities and receive the same privileges offered to any patron.

These privileges provide access to the entire collection including books, books-on-tape or CD, videos, DVDs or music CDs through established check-out policies. Reference material and the Illinois Room are available to them, and they may enjoy any childrenís, teen or adult programs sponsored by the Library.

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Tax History

Residents in the Townships of the Quincy Area Public Library District paid taxes at these rates from 1992 to the present:

2012 0.14453

2011 0.14496
2010 0.14379
2009 0.14494
2008 0.14473

2007 0.14698

2006 0.14546

2005 0.14745
2004 0.13542
2003 0.12657
2002 0.13282
2001 0.1321
2000 0.1336
1999 0.1363
1998 0.1233
1997 0. 1298
1996 0.1381
1995 0.1029
1994 0.1146
1993 0.1280
1992 0.1402

How do we measure up? According to a 2005 tax survey of Illinois Library districts, the Townships of the Quincy Area Public Library District has the 17th lowest tax rate in the Alliance Library System which has 140 Library Districts. In addition, the current tax rate was compared to 4 other Library Systems covering 268 Library Districts and the Townships of the Quincy Area Public Library District tax rate ranked in the lower 14%. The average tax rate for the 408 Library Districts surveyed is .2199.

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