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Quincy Historical Newspaper Archive

Newspaper history and current digitized newspapers...
Quincy Historical Newspaper Archive is a work in progress.  We have currently digitized daily newspapers beginning in 1835, and ending with the Quincy Daily Journal in 1919.  We began with the Quincy Daily Whig and Quincy Daily Herald, then expanded to include the Quincy Daily Journal, and some weekly editions of these newspapers.  Eventually we hope to continue the years of coverage up through May 1926, to meet the more current online database that will be available through the Quincy Herald-Whig website.

Quincy's earliest newspaper was the Illinois Bounty Land Register.  Our earliest copy is of April 17, 1835.  Our earliest Quincy Whig is May 12, 1838.  The earliest available Quincy Herald is October 20, 1848.  Some issues of the Herald include the name Argus; some issues of the Whig include the name Republican.  There was also a paper called the Evening Call as early as September 5, 1870, and a Quincy Journal with available copies beginning September 11, 1883.  These papers published variously as daily or weekly papers, and with slight title variations, throughout early Quincy history.  The Quincy Herald and Quincy Whig Journal merged in June 1926 to become the Quincy Herald-Whig which is still publishing today.

Unfortunately many issues of these newspapers were lost, and never microfilmed, and others were in such poor condition that they are difficult to read, and may be inaccurately indexed.  Our goal is to provide the most complete and accurate coverage possible for this exciting period of early Quincy history.

Quincy Daily Herald is included in the archive from August 1853-July 1854, then fairly consistently from 1858 through 1895.  Missing periods include 1864, 1873, March to December 1875, June to December 1877, most of 1880, January to June 1886 and most of 1887.  The Quincy Daily Whig or Quincy Daily Whig and Republican is included beginning with an issue in 1835, then some in 1838, then more consistently from 1850 to 1909, though some editions are weekly throughout.  The Quincy Daily Journal is included from September 1883 through September 1919 with a few missing issues.

Be sure to look for special events like the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the Mormons in Quincy, as well as items of personal interest to you.


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