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About School Delivery

Quincy Public Library card holders and the Townships of the Quincy Area Public Library District cardholders, who are teachers in public, parochial/private, pre-school and registered home school programs within the boundaries of Quincy Public School District #172 are eligible to obtain an Educator library card and utilize School Delivery.

School Delivery happens every four weeks throughout the regular school year. We have altered delivery schedules during school breaks to assure timely delivery and pick up of library materials. Materials are delivered on the same day of the week throughout the year and reminder emails are sent to help you have time to collect materials for return. All materials are checked out for four weeks and are due on your next school delivery date.

Educators may send lists of materials they would like for us to request or they may send subject areas or themes they are studying and we will select level-appropriate materials for them.

Yes! If you need books sooner than your next delivery date we can have the books sent to the Self-Service Hold Shelf at the library or one of our many 24/7 hold lockers (depending on the number of items requested) right outside the front door of the Library, or to Lincoln-Douglas School or Iles School.

Yes! You can return School Delivery books at any of our library book returns at the library or around town at Lincoln-Douglas School or Iles School, the Quincy Mall, Hy-Vee on Harrison street, John Wood Community College, or Walmart.

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Use this form to request School Delivery if you are already have a Quincy Public Library Educator library card and would like to start receiving School Delivery.