Quincy Historical Newspaper Archive


Historical Quincy newspapers published in the years 1835 through May, 1926 are now available online. Through a special digitization and distillation process, images and text from microfilmed newspapers have been enhanced, indexed, and stored digitally for ease of searching and retrieval. The newspaper archive can be searched by date,name or keyword, or even using a combination of search terms. Articles can be viewed and printed, saved to disk or jump drive, pasted into a document, or even emailed.

Newspapers included in the Archives:

  • Illinois Bounty Land Register, from April 17, 1835
  • Quincy Whig, from May 12, 1838 (some issues are also named Republican)
  • Quincy Herald from October 20, 1848 (some issues are also named Argus)
  • Evening Call, from September 5, 1870
  • Quincy Journal, from September 11, 1883
  • Quincy Daily Journal, from 1919
  • Quincy Herald-Whig from June, 1926