Notary Services

Quincy Public Library offers Notary Public services free of charge. Appointments are not required, but contacting the library to verify the availability of a Notary is recommended.  

What to Bring

  • Unsigned documents (you must sign them in front of the Notary. 

  • Documents cannot have blanks, corrections, or missing pages. 

  • Each person signing the document must be present for us to notarize each individual signature. 

  • Witnesses, if required 

  • QPL patrons and staff cannot fill in as witnesses. 

  • An unexpired, valid state or federal issued government ID with photo and signature 

  • Examples of acceptable IDs issued by a state or federal government agency with both a photographic image and signature are a valid state driver’s license or ID card, a United States military ID, or a valid passport. 

  • Examples of IDs we cannot accept are Social Security cards, United States passport cards, or student IDs. 

What to Know 

  • Quincy Public Library Notaries cannot give legal advice. 

  • Notaries are unable to notarize documents related to the transfer of assets, involving an exchange of money or property, Power of Attorney, government I-9 Forms, Cook County deeds, or immigration forms. 

  • Due to Illinois notary law, we are unable to certify copies. 

  • Notaries and patrons seeking notarization must be able to communicate directly. Library notaries cannot make use of a translator.  

  • Notaries are unable to notarize documents for minors. 

  • Notaries at the Quincy Public Library reserve the right to refuse to sign any document that they deem questionable and/or may refuse to perform notary services when the identity of the person requesting notarization has not been positively established using acceptable IDs.