Copy/Fax Services

Copy and Fax Services

Public Fax 

Quincy Public Library offers a self-serve fax service for the public. A public copier that has faxing capabilities is available in the library lobby. 

  • Faxes may only be sent.  No faxes can be received at the library. 

  • Each fax costs $1.00 connection fee and $0.25 for each page. 

  • Only cash is accepted.  No credit cards or debit cards are accepted. 

  • The fax machine is not configured to send international faxes. 

  • To ensure timely delivery, total number of pages being faxed should be limited to 10-15 pages 


A self-serve copy machine is available in the library lobby. Prices for copies are: 

Letter size (8.5″ x 11″) 

  • Black & White $0.25 

  • Color $0.50 

Legal size (11″ x 14″) 

  • Black & White $0.50 

  • Color $1.00 

Tabloid size (11″ x 17″) 

  • Black & White $0.50 

  • Color $1.00 

Patrons are requested to comply with all copyright restrictions. 


The Document Station near QPL’s ASK HERE desk provides a convenient way to scan and save, or send, your important documents. 

  • Scan and email a document to a valid personal email address. No charge. 

  • Scan and save to your USB/Thumb/Flash drive. No charge to scan and save to your drive. 

  • Scan and send to Smart Phones with QR code readers, to Google Drive, or to Dropbox. No charge 

  • Scan and print to the public printer. Charges are the same as printing from computers or a copy machine, ranging from $0.25 per page to $1.00 per page, depending upon size and color options. 

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