Seed Library

Seed Library

The Quincy Public Library, in its mission to provide patrons with the materials, facilities, and programs to meet lifelong learning, cultural & recreational needs, now has a Seed Library! Stop by the library, browse through the Growing Guide provided at the Seed Library station, and choose seeds to check out and grow at home! 

What is a Seed Library?  

  • A seed library is a collection of open-pollinated and heirloom seeds that you can borrow to plant and grow at home. Seeds are returned by collecting them from the mature plants! 

How does it work? 

  • There is no cost to borrow seeds from the Seed Library 

  • Come into the library and choose seeds to check out between February 1st and September 15th. 

  • No library card is required. 

  • You are allowed to borrow up to five packs per week, per family. 

  • There is no requirement to return seeds. All that the library asks is that everyone makes a sincere effort to return seeds at the end of the season. 

  • Seed donations will be accepted year-round. 

Why a Seed Library?  

By saving seeds as a community, we help: 

  • Create locally adapted plant varieties and preserve genetic diversity. 

  • Encourage seed saving and the planting of non-GMO, heirloom plants. 

  • Preserve rare, heirloom seeds to help revive lost and endangered varieties of seed.  

  • Strengthen regional food security. 

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